Thursday, March 24, 2011

Swoon Over Maya Moon

One of my favorite things about the Pendleton Home Store, is that we are always trying to find hand-crafted items made by people that we have a relationship with, not just some big company making products that you see in every other store in town.  it's a big bonus when those people happen to live here in the northwest as well!

Which brings me to one of our favorite artists, Maya Moon of Bend, Oregon.  Maya makes each and every one of her handbags in her studio down in Bend and then stops by to see us when she's in town so we can get pick of the crop.  We absolutely adore Maya and her beautiful creations.

And even better, through the end of the month, you can get 20% off any of her bags during our Home Furnishings sale.

 We have a great selection right now so come on in or give us a call.  The more of these great handbags we can sell, the more we can buy next time around.  Prices listed before discount.

small tan bag with leopard and studs (left front) $328
chocolate brown leather with tooled leather inset and studs (right front) $468
grey hide with brown tooled leather closure (back) $548

larger leopard bucket bag with adjustable strap (bottom) $268
 mauve leather bag with leopard placket and gold studs $428

 multi-colored fishscale hobo style bag $328

 red bucket bag (left front) $226
red cosmetic style case (right front) $438
red tote bag (back) $328

 chartreuse leather hide bag with tooled faux alligator leather inset $328

If any of these beauties catch your eye, give us a call at 800.248.8144 or email us at for more information.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Opening Ceremony Women's Clearance!

You may remember a while back that we received a great selection of end-of-season Opening Ceremony Meets Pendleton apparel.  Well, we still have a few pieces left at incredible prices.  If you see something you like, give us a call for pricing.  I've listed below the size and quantity that we have available.  We can ship anywhere.

tie-top blouse 1 size small
button skirt 1 size small

jacquard knit gathered skirt 1 size medium

jacquard woven gathered skirt
1 size small-SOLD
1 size medium

jacquard knit patchwork sweater 1 size medium-SOLD

plaid open-back dress 1 size large-SOLD
(runs very small)

jacquard jumper 1 size small

plaid jumper 1 size small

plaid knit fringe-neck cardigan
2 medium
1 large

wool cropped blouse 1 size small
jacquard harem pant red 1 size small

If you see anything that catches your eye, call at 800.248.8144 or email us at

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Munio Candela

When I was in New York for the Gift Show, I popped into ABC Carpet and Home to check out their product lines.  This is a stop I always make when in New York, as ABC is the mecca of all things home furnishings.  I always come away with some inspiration for Pendleton Home.

One of the first product lines that I came across was a candle line called Munio Candela.  I loved their great packaging and amazing scents.  I looked at the product, then walked the rest of the store and then back to the product on my way out.  As I was looking at it again, I noticed that the box said "Handmade in Oregon".  Well that was it, I knew we needed some of this for our store.  I bought a box of their rounds and called them as soon as I got home.

And now it's here!  We have the rounds which are little round discs and scented with various herbs.  Oh they smell so nice but I especially love the lavender and olive scent.  These can be used like potpourri in a bowl or can be burned in a dish heated by a tea light.  They are a great housewarming gift item and only $10.00

The Naturella candle is a soy candle filled with wild flowers.  As it burns down, the wild flowers start to glow and they are so pretty.  The rose buds and moss smell amazing.  $26.00

And the Jar style is incredible too.  They are filled with scented soy candles and have a wooden wick.  There is something about the wick that allows it to burn slowly and evenly.  There is no wax hanging out on the side of the jar.  Our favorite scent so far is the black magic.  $24.00

They also make these great handmade soaps that come in cute little muslin envelopes and sell for $12.00.  The purple haze scent is to-die-for!

email or give a call for more information.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winter in Portland

As I've mentioned before, we get a lot of very hip and stylish people walking in our doors.  Two weeks ago, it was this gentleman, Winter Wood, who was up from Arizona auditioning for The Amazing Race.  If there was ever a quintessential Young Pendleton clientele, Winter is the face of that demographic!  We love his traditional style with a rock star edge.

How cool is that tee shirt?

Oh, and how great he looks in the Vans by Taka Hayashi.

Here's a close-up.  Now don't you wish you had gotten your Vans before they all sold out?  Luckily, we had just the right size when Winter stopped in.

And while sadly, he did not make it in time to his audition, we can't wait to hear of all the great things that Winter accomplishes.   

Thanks so much for stopping in, we hope to see you again soon! And thank you Jim for the perfect photos.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Jao Is Finally Here!

We are so excited to be the first store in Portland to carry Gale Mayron's body product from Jao Ltd.  This product line is incredible and we can't wait to convert you be be Jao junkies like we are now!   And look at this packaging, we just love it, it fits in so well with the Pendleton lifestyle. 

Our most favorite so far (which is hard because they all are so great) is her Goe Oil.  It's a combination of 28 plant fruit and flower oils and butters.  It's actually a solid oil that melts into your skin as it is applied.  You will not believe how incredible this makes your skin feel!  $30.00

The Hand Refresher is the first "upscale" antibacterial, disinfectant and aromatherapy product all-in-one.  We love the nice lavender smell of this one.  $7.00

The Lip Jao was formulated for lip balm snobs! Made with 34% shea butter, it soothes and softens lips. It also has the yummiest chocolate mint scent, you could just eat it up!  $6.00

Her Serious Moisture Cream is a superior essential oil aromatherapeutic balm that helps restore, revive and radiate glistening skin.  I use it as a face cream in the morning and the refreshing scent really wakes me up (and that's not easy let me tell you).  $18.00

And the award-winning Outscent is the perfect product for outdoorsy Northwesterners.  It's an essential oil parfum and insect repellant blend.  The days of using stinky sprays like Off are over!  This spray has a citrusy, woodsy scent that smells great on men and women both and is perfect for camping or sitting around the table outside on warm summer evenings in the city.  $50.00

This product line is absolutely amazing and we can't wait for you to give it a try.  Come in or give a call to get yours today.  800.248.8144 or email us at

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Semi-Annual Home Furnishings Sale

It's that time of year again, our Semi-Annual Home Furnishings Sale!

All non-Pendleton product is 20% off.
All Sale apparel (except Opening Ceremony, Levis and Hurley) is an additional 20% off the lowest price.
Floor model furniture prices are slashed up to 75% off!
Special Order furniture is 20% off.

Stop on in or give us a call if you have been waiting on something in particular to go on sale.  800.248.8144

The sale runs through March 31st.